Sunday, August 20, 2017

Gale Force Nine - New D&D Collector's Edition Previews

Gale Force Nine presents new previews of their D&D Collector's Edition:

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Link: Gale Force Nine

Mierce Miniatures - Darkhold: Anceint Barrows Kickstarter

Mierce Miniatures launched a new Kickstarter campaign:

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Link: Mierce Miniatures

Dust Models - New Faction

Dust Models announced  a new cultist faction for DUST:

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Link: Dust Models

Xan Miniatures - New 20mm WW2 Previews

Xan Miniatures announced new 20mm Soviet and DAK sets:

Link: Xan Miniatures

Role 4 Initiative - Pre-Painted Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter

Role 4 Initiative is running the Pre-Painted Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter

Steamforged Games - New Blacksmith's Guild Preview

Steamforged Games presents a new preview of the Blacksmith's Guild for Guild Ball:

Link: Steamforged Games

Postindustrial Games - Nakamura Strike Team Preview

Postindustrial Games published a new picture of the Nakamura Strike Team for Human Interface:

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Link: Human Interface

Shadow Squirrel Game - Wanted Earth Kickstarter

Shadow Squirrel Game is running the Wanted Earth Kickstarter:

Wanted Earth is an epic miniatures strategy board game for 1-7 players that can be played in 60-120 minutes. Includes 4 modes of play: Normal mode, PVP-mode, Single player/Co-op mode, and a planned faction vs faction mode (this mode will be available with future expansion). Fight as the heroes defending the planet or try to conquer Earth as an invading alien race.
Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Wanted Earth

Empress Miniatures - New Release

Empress Miniatures added a US special forces with prosthetic leg to their range:

Link: Empress Miniatures

Game Tile Warehouse - Digital Dungeon Rooms Kickstarter

Game Tile Warehouse launched their Digital Dungeon Rooms Kickstarter:

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Link: Game Tile Warehouse

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Hidden Dreams Minaitures - Kickstarter Ending Soon

The Hidden Dreams Miniatures Fantasy miniatures Kickstarter is ending soon:

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Link: Hidden Dreams Minaitures on facebook

Colonel Bill' Wargames Depoy - New Releases

Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot released new miniatures:

Link: Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot

Devils Due Digital - Superheroes 2044 Kickstarter

Devils Due Digital lunched their Superheroes 2044 RPG and miniatures Kickstarter:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Devils Digital Due

TT Combat - New Deluxe Dungeon Set

TT Combat released a new deluxe dungeon set:

Link: TT Combat

Victrix - Free Shipping Offer

Victrix announced a new free shipping offer:

So free worldwide shipping on all orders over £50.00 will commence from today until Sunday 27th August.
The discount code = August 2017
Link: Victrix

Troublemaker Games - 6mm Terrain Indiegogo Preview

Troublemaker Games is working on a new 6mm terrain Indiegogo campaign:

Link: Campaign preview on Indiegogo
Link: Troublemkaer Games

Infamy Miniatures - New Preview

Infamy Miniatures presents a new preview of their Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde busts:

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Link: Infamy Miniatures

Hawk Wargames - Rules Preview

Hawk Wargames published a preview of the Dropzone Commander 2nd edition rules:

All of these rules are currently undergoing beta testing and as such are not yet finalised. Further development may cause the published rules to differ from those shown today. This is a brief overview and does not cover additional changes designed for balance.
Open Transports
Previously squads were only able to be carried by transports bought for them whilst building your army. This led to squads unable to be redeployed if their transport was shot down. Transports now operate flexibly and are able to activate and carry squads in a different battlegroup from their previous activation, provided they have not already activated and have the capacity to carry that squad.
Disembarking and Shooting
Vehicles may now fire their weapons after disembarking from a transport with a +2 penalty to their accuracy. This encourages redeployment of squads during the game as they no longer lose out on a full turn of shooting. Certain weapons may not fire after disembarking such as AA weapons at aircraft.
All squads in a building may search for an objective whether they are the occupier or not, although the occupier receives a bonus to their roll. Nearby APCs also provide a bonus to the squad's roll.
Certain factors now affect a squad's effectiveness in CQB, receiving more dice for being the occupier or losing dice for searching or shooting that turn. In addition, CQB dice may be distributed more freely to opposing squads of your choice.
Collateral Damage
The rolls to resolve Falling Masonry, now named Collateral Damage, have been simplified and reduced to Energy 5. In addition, buildings can no longer be dealt additional damage by weapons without the Demolisher keyword.
Link: Hawk Wargames

Armies Army - New 15mm Previews

Armies Army published new 15mm Cold War previews:

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Link: Armies Army

Thomarillion - New Previews

Thomarillion presents new previews:

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Link: Thomarillion